Hello there,

My name is Marble and I am a Pompek, a rather good looking one if I say so myself. I live with my Mum Maryse and her Mum and my little (little only because though we come from the same litter, she was the runt) sister Tawny, who is really quite tubby now. We were both named because of our colouring and after characters in stories by our beloved Uncle Willow and our Mum. He is no longer with us and Mum says he got called away suddenly because The Master needed him. I think he probably went to paint some murals  and write some stories and poems in heaven but we all miss him dreadfully.

I am now nine years old, but I do not feel a day older than five. I am in good health and Mum says I run like a small horse.

This forum was the brainchild of our favourite Aunt Sarah. She lives in a different country with her pet cat Bella. Bella is quite beautiful. We have cats here too (shhhh stray ones) but one of them Ms. Cattie is now part of our family, the other one Long Tail comes just to feed his face.... oops Mum says I must not be so unkind.

Anyway I hope you will enjoy spending time here with us... see you around.


Hi Everyone,

My name ith Tawny. Pleathe don’t laugh at me becauth I have a lipth. I told Mum the did not have to write the way I thpeak, but the tayth ith all part of who I am, and I am adorable, buck teeth and all. She callth me her little bear.

Let me thay thraight off that I am not fat, pleathingly plump ith what our Gran thayth, and the knowth beth.

I have a favourite toy, a dumbbell that ith like my comforter or thometimes I uthe it to frighten people and other dogth... ith my weapon of math dethtruction Mum sayth.. Marble sayth ith becase I am dumb... no way. 

I love people, I loooove to bark, and getting my tummy thratched ith heavenly.

I mith Uncle Willow too.

Thank you Aunt Thara for making thith plathe for uth. I kind of like Cattie but Long Tail is thort of thcary.

Thee you all thoon I hope.


Hi Humans and other animals,

My intro will be short and sweet.  I was living in the wild. I was pregnant and hungry. I happened to come into this place I now call home, and to take a leaf from someone else’s book and adjust it to my situation (pardon me Mr. Shakespeare):

I came, I stayed, I conquered (well not totally) but enough to be very comfortable.

The name my new Mama gave me is Cattie, though if I do something she does not like she says sternly ‘now hear this Catalina’  and when I am good she says ‘Cattie, Cattie... ‘ Gran is good to me too but I am not sure I like the thing she uses to walk around.

I have heard a lot about an Aunt Sarah and an Uncle Willow... I think they must be nice.

The canines are all right. They have not been the most welcoming but at least they have not attacked me. Life is good.

I’ll be in touch.

Long Tail


I’ll have even less to say. I am a feral tom cat and very popular with the lady cats. For some reason the lady who puts food for me calls me Long Tail... guess because my tail is so long and sometimes, if she sees me about to bolt, she says softly ‘Hey Boy-Boy, there’s food here for you.’ I mean really a tomcat of my stature being called Boy-Boy, but I get a chance to visit with Cattie and to eat to my heart’s content. I can’t complain.

Since I am a feline of many talents I shall lend my expertise to this lot.

Later ‘gators.

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