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Another Change coming to Yuku. All operations will be handled by Tapatalk. to quote Chris: "Will our old skins be on our new board and will we still be able to use them? No. It is a different system on the new platform, your old skins will not work there. What you can do though, if you have some custom CSS, you can save and reuse some of the snippets." This means that very shortly our board will be even more wrecked than it is now. Tapatalk's format is for mobile devices. It will be accessible via PC but it will have no resemblance to 'our board'. I envision a bunch of rubber stamp boards loaded with trackers. I am not sure exactly what the truth of it will turn out to be, but I don't choose to participate. I will keep the board open until July 15th. If in that time, someone who is currently active...i.e. Maryse, Wendy, Rich, Kerri, Jan, Mark, is interested in taking over admin of The Peaceful Pub, I will turn it over to either of you (just send me an email or an i m.). I have hidden most of the back forums because the design is skewed when the board is accessed with https. I will restore any of those forums that are wanted if one of the aforementioned wishes to keep The Pub going. I will also continue to visit the board for those of you who wish to keep posting. However, if no one of the currently active group wishes to take over the board, I will close it on july 15th. My time with this family has been beautiful and I hope to keep in touch with you all via email.

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